After surgery or injury, a senior may need to rebuild muscle strength but not be physically well enough to go through the rigor of standard physical therapy. Electrical stimulation (E-stim) therapy is a helpful alternative until the seniors can move forward to traditional physical therapy. It is often an easy way to heal or strengthen the problem muscle. Studies have shown this type of treatment has been proven to counteract muscle decline in seniors. Often, skeletal muscle is significantly susceptible to the effects of aging and continuously reduces over time, leading to a loss of its mass and strength. E-Stim can counteract this effect and promote senior healing and wellness.  

Electrical stimulation treatment is designed to strengthen muscle groups by way of contraction through electrical pulses. It is often a less painful alternative to the sometimes challenging nature of physical therapy. This type of treatment works for seniors whose injuries or illnesses might cause pain or limit functional mobility.

Electrical stimulations exercise the muscle groups while the resident sits comfortably under the watchful eye of our physical therapists. It is a passive activity. The senior can relax while the therapist is applying the treatment. This type of stimulation benefits those residents who may not be functionally mobile but have pain in specific portions of their bodies.

Electrical stimulation is successful in treating low back pain, post-surgical pain, muscle weakness, poor motor control, tendonitis, or bursitis. E-Stim may also be used to help decrease pain or spasm in an inflicted area.

At Heritage Health, our residents’ health and comfort are a primary focus. We stay on the leading edge of healing technologies, which allows us to provide the best services to our seniors. Our goal is to provide your loved one with the best care available. E-stim is one of many techniques that enables us to do just that.