At Heritage Health, we are proud to offer RESTORE Therapy, a comprehensive therapy program provided to seniors recovering from illness, surgery, and complex medical conditions. We have a team of dedicated physical, speech, occupational, and respiratory therapists. Our therapy departments work collaboratively to make sure all areas of rehabilitation are addressed.

Overall, our goal is to implement exceptional patient-focused treatment plans for seniors as they recuperate in a comfortable atmosphere. We prompt successful recoveries and safe returns home.


We offer an exceptional in-house physical therapy program, designed to strengthen your loved one and restore independence after an injury, illness, surgery, or accident. Our trained physical therapists have extensive experience in senior care and will focus on helping seniors with strength, flexibility, posture, balance, coordination, and pain relief.


Speech therapy can be beneficial to residents with problems speaking, swallowing, or those who suffer from other esophageal issues. This branch of treatment is especially helpful for those who have suffered from cardiac episodes, nervous system disorders, and swallowing disorders, as the speech and swallowing functions are often affected. Swallowing functions are part of eating and drinking as well as throat clearing, vocal clarity. Many other vocal and esophageal functions are aided by swallowing as well.


Sometimes specific health problems can result in the loss of motor function. That's why we offer first-rate occupational therapy intended to improve seniors' ability to complete everyday tasks, from doing laundry to getting dressed. Our occupational therapists instruct seniors on how to safely and successfully perform tasks based on their condition. Many of our locations also offers Living Skills Retraining to assist your loved one further.


Seniors with breathing issues stemming from illnesses such as asthma, emphysema, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can benefit from respiratory therapy. We have a team of licensed respiratory therapists who provide treatment for sudden and chronic respiratory conditions. After a thorough assessment, our therapists will formulate a customized treatment plan for your senior to improve respiratory function to its highest level.


In our effort to serve your loved ones, many of our communities offer the convenience of outpatient therapy. Our therapy teams are available to provide comprehensive short-term treatment to recovering seniors who are not full-time Heritage residents.

No matter your loved one’s therapy needs, Heritage Health is here to help. Call your local Heritage senior home to see how therapy services can help!