Transportation is an essential aspect of senior care. Our residents need to able to get to various appointments safely and conveniently. Access to quality transportation is just another way that Heritage Health senior living stands apart from other nursing home environments. We care enough to get you there!

Our caring and compassionate medical staff can help make off-site appointments and arrangements specific to the needs of each resident. While many of our locations have doctors and physical specialists that make regular rounds on campus, some residents may need care from other external physicians. Based on needs, our staff can arrange senior transportation both to and from the appointment. This can alleviate the stress of travel and the uncertainty of having to figure out transportation.

Families appreciate our full-service approach that includes transportation services at most locations. And, if you would like to attend an appointment with your family member, please let our nursing staff know. We work closely with our families to offer safe and ideal transportation and a positive health appointment experience.

And, while many senior transportation needs center around doctor appointments, many locations utilize our transportation vans, buses, and activity vehicles to have fun! We attend community fairs, religious services, festivals, and more. Call your local Heritage senior care community to discuss the available transportation options in your area today.