Most caregivers need a support network, a back-up plan to ensure that the one they love will always be cared for with excellence. Daycare by Heritage Health offers this favorable option, so no matter what life throws you, you know that you’re loved one can thrive.

As named, daycare services offer to care for your loved one during daytime hours. Caregivers know that their loved ones will receive meals, attention, and socialization. This works well when caregivers need to work or care for other needs throughout the day. It’s a service that provides everyone with peace of mind.

Heritage provides a safe and stimulating environment for seniors in need of daycare services. Seniors in our daycare program are often involved in daily activities where they can experience friendship and fellowship.  At Heritage, we promote social interactions and involvements as our professional and friendly staff gets to know your loved one.

Not only are members of our daycare taken care of from a social standpoint, but physical and medical needs are assessed and carefully addressed. That could include medication administration or performing day-to-day activities like using the restroom. Our dedicated team understands that each senior is different and will require a personalized, caring approach.

Many of our Heritage senior communities offer daycare services for when you can’t be home to care for your loved one. Don’t worry or wonder what you will do if you have to work or attend to other aspects of life. If you’re looking for a short-term stay that is more than just daytime care, learn more about respite care by Heritage Health. Contact your local Heritage home to discuss what daycare options are available today.