When illness or an incident requires a hospital stay, a senior may be ready to leave the hospital but not ready to return home. Due to specialized post-surgical care or rehabilitation needs, a skilled nursing community is a perfect place for recovery. Our nursing homes have medical staff on-site around the clock to assist in everyday tasks like bathing, feeding, and medication management. In addition, our Medicare-certified, skilled nursing facilities offer comprehensive therapeutic intervention, IV carewound care, feeding tube support, and more.

After a stroke, heart attack, or other health issues, your loved one may need to recover strength and learn new ways to accomplish the daily tasks of living. Our skilled nursing homes have occupationalphysicalrespiratory, and speech therapy to support all aspects of recovery. They can retrain lost motor skills or help seniors adjust to new equipment so they can regain independence and return home. Our locations are the perfect option to serve this short-term healing and recovery need.

Our immediate medical care team includes registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nurse’s assistants. The expert staff has the skill and know-how to treat post-op wounds and address comprehensive rehabilitation requirements. From medical directors to directors of nursing, CNAs, and therapists, we offer skilled, specialized care that is specifically relevant to our geriatric residents and their unique needs.

We are an engaging senior living community that offers quality medical care services. Our lively campuses provide a positive environment for seniors to heal and recover. Visit your local community and learn more today.