At Heritage Health, we tailor our services to meet the skilled nursing care needs of our seniors. Some of our locations have professionally trained respiratory therapists who provide comprehensive respiratory care as a part of our Restore Therapy program. Our respiratory therapists are available to treat both sudden and chronic respiratory disorders.

Upon admission to Heritage, our team assesses the senior for respiratory conditions. Both short and long-term residents have full access to our Restrore respiratory care. Our experienced respiratory therapists successfully treat our residents who suffer from breathing difficulties related to asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Based on assessments, evaluation of breath sounds, oxygen levels, and signs and symptoms of chronic and acute respiratory conditions, the Restore care team creates an individualized treatment plan. We may perform bedside pulmonary function testing, training, and strengthening as part of the program to help our seniors recover and breathe easier.

At Heritage, our respiratory therapists work with the nursing staff, taking a team approach to meet the medical needs of each resident. We understand respiratory therapy can be confusing or even scary to some, which is why our team provides resident and family education.  Seniors and their families may benefit from learning opportunities in areas such as proper medication administration, exercise, diet, and smoking cessation, as well as chronic disease management. Open communication is critical between seniors, family, and the medical staff to keep everyone informed of treatment and progress.

Respiratory health is critical to overall well-being and often a core therapeutic element for those receiving 24-hour skilled nursing care. With our skilled medical team on-hand, we maintain low hospital readmission rates for respiratory issues. We encourage family members to reach out with questions relating to respiratory care needs or our treatments of chronic or short-term respiratory health concerns.