Heritage Operations Group is participating in the CNA wage increase program backed by the State of Illinois.

Heritage Operations Group is proud to be participating in the CNA Tenure Subsidy Program for skilled nursing facilities, an incentive from the State of Illinois that helps compensate CNAs with substantial wage increases based on total years of experience working as a CNA.


Earn up to $6.50 additional per hour for being a CNA.

The table shows wage increases that are added to the facility’s starting wage based on total years of experience working as a CNA according to the CNA Tenure Subsidy Program guidelines:

Example Pay Table:

CNA Experience Additional Hourly Wage Increase
1 Year $1.50
2 Years $2.50
3 Years $3.50
4 Years $4.50
5 Years $5.50
6 Years $6.50

How It Works

The state of Illinois has passed a bill allowing for new reimbursement rates subsidized by the State when a skilled nursing facility chooses to implement qualifying wage increases for CNAs, which allows you to earn a wage increase based on your total years of experience as a CNA, regardless of how long you have worked for a specific facility. This additional pay factors in your total work history as a CNA at all facilities in which you have worked, whether in the state of Illinois or in another state. A CNA can earn as much as an additional $6.50 per hour with 6 or more years of experience. To Apply, Visit: HeritageofCare.com/employment.

Heritage Operations Group is excited to participate in the CNA Tenure Subsidy Program. This optional program is offered in Illinois to subsidize wages for CNAs. Our participating facilities (excluding Heritage Health Hoopeston) include Colonial Manor of Danville, Country Health of Gifford, Odd Fellow Rebekah Home of Mattoon, Regency Care of Springfield, Sunny Acres of Petersburg, and Villas Senior Care Community in Sherman.