We understand that as we age, physical and health challenges can arise. When residents come to stay with us, we complete a full health assessment, working with primary care physicians and our expert medical staff to develop a customized plan of care. Our seniors receive personalized assistance and around-the-clock medical attention to ensure the highest levels of health and wellness. With our resident-focused care, we proudly offer the following specialized clinical capabilities:


We are proud to offer a comprehensive program designed for seniors needing recovery assistance after surgery, injury, illness, or accident. Our communities employ experienced therapists who specialize in physical therapyspeech therapyoccupational therapy, and respiratory therapy.

Peripheral IV Insertion/Management
Peripheral IV insertion and management capabilities enable our team to administer medications and fluids. The need for peripheral intravenous catheters (PIVC) can be accommodated and administered by our skilled nursing care units. Our experienced team can save our residents a trip to the hospital by administering IVs safely at our senior living campuses.

PICC And Central Line Management
A percutaneous indwelling central catheter (PICC) is a type of central line used to administer medicine or fluids directly into the bloodstream. A central line is placed in a large vein in the arm or chest and used to deliver medicine long-term. Depending on the resident’s need, the central line may stay in place for an extended time, which can make treatment more efficient and reduce the number of needle sticks.

TPN, G/J Tube Feedings/Management
There may be a time where a resident requires a Gastro-Jejunal (GJ) tube or feeding tube to provide nutrients. Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) is another method of feeding that skips the gastrointestinal tract by using a central line. Our trained professionals are well versed in the management of these medical methods for the geriatric population.

Breathing Assistance
Our trained and compassionate staff is available to provide oxygen and nebulizer services in the event of breathing difficulties. Working with physicians, nursing staff, and respiratory therapists, we can ensure our residents are receiving the right treatments at the right time.

Wound Care/Wound VAC
Wounds can occur from injury, surgery, unrelieved pressure, or trauma. Sores can also arise from underlying diseases such as diabetes or venous hypertension/insufficiency. Our wound care staff is focused on healing and eliminating existing wounds and preventing further injury or infection. Wound care within a skilled nursing community means residents do not have to return to the hospital for treatment. Our daily staff is trained in treatment and care of wounds, and specialized wound care physicians make regular rounds. Wound care prevention is always a priority.

Comfort Care & Hospice Services
Hospice and end-of-life care focus on comfort services for the resident and support for the family. Our trained and experienced staff will work with a senior’s physician, and contracted hospice providers along with our entire care team and do everything we can during this difficult time.

X-Ray Services
Many of our Heritage homes have access to on-site X-ray technology. By offering both scan and assessment services on our campuses, we can ensure our residents receive diagnoses and treatment efficiently and conveniently.

EKG Services
At many of our senior campuses, we can offer electrocardiogram (EKG) tests to check for problems with the heart. EKGs can be used in the diagnosis of heart attack, or as a preventative measure to check on the heart’s blood flow, rhythm, and the condition of the heart muscle.

Laboratory Services
Our Heritage homes have strategic partnerships that allow expedited lab services for our residents. Residents and families appreciate the convenience of being able to have blood drawn on-site, which avoids a visit to the doctor or hospital lab. These services also enable more prompt results, diagnoses, and treatment if applicable.

Specialized Staff

Medical Director
Each of our senior care communities has a dedicated medical director who oversees the care on campus. This director is typically a local medical doctor who is accessible to care for new and current patients. Medical directors oversee resident care plans and offer direction and oversight for the nursing staff.

Nurse Practitioners
Many of our Heritage senior homes have a nurse practitioner who is regularly on-site. Our nurse practitioners can work with the nurses, CNAs, and other medical personnel on staff offering direction, orders, and support as needed for ideal patient care.

Nurse Educator
Communication is a critical aspect of medical treatment. Often, medical language can be challenging to understand. Our on-site nurse educators provide information to staff, residents, and families to ensure everyone is on the same page and understands the information provided.

We specializes in skilled nursing care, offered at most of our locations throughout the state of Illinois. Find a location near you today!