Hospice, or end-of-life care, leaves seniors and their families with many difficult decisions. At Heritage Health, our hospice care is designed to meet the unique needs of residents and families. Hospice is designed to bring attention and compassion to both the senior and loved ones, ensuring that everyone is fully informed and comfortable. We are here for you.

When a senior’s illness or health condition reaches a level that makes dying a realistic possibility, the primary care physician may recommend hospice. It may also be an option when the senior is no longer responding to treatment. When a senior is deemed terminally ill, medical attention may shift from treatment to comfort measures as decided upon by the senior and their family. At this point, our role is to offer services that alleviate pain, promote comfort, and care for emotional and spiritual needs.

In addition to our trained medical staff and contracted hospice care staff, the Heritage hospice care team may include clergy, social workers, and family members. End-of-life care is not about treating the illness. Instead, it’s about comfort, care, and compassion. When a senior enters hospice care, they typically sign an Advanced Directives document that spells out their decision to either cease or deny treatment if medical intervention is needed to sustain life. Our social services professionals work with our seniors and their families, answering questions, and completing all needs for clarity. We respect the wishes and dignity of our residents.

Many of our Heritage communities partner with local hospice care providers and work side-by-side with specialized hospice teams. Contact your local Heritage senior care home to discuss the hospice options available to you and your loved one. It is a challenging time for any family. Our caring and compassionate team will be there to walk beside you during the journey.