Our Approach

The day-to-day experience that our seniors and their families have at Heritage homes is extremely important to us; thank you for choosing Heritage. We have a strategic approach to resident care and communication to guarantee that our residents are well attended to. Communication is the key to exceptional service and to our seniors having the best quality of life possible. That’s why we created the Happy to Oblige program. H to O allows us to recognize and reward great service and communication and make both a priority for our teams. It’s just one of the great things that set Heritage apart.

The fundamental goal of this initiative is simple: to improve communication at all levels throughout the organization. Clear channels of communication are the building blocks of excellent customer service. To “empower and motivate each and every employee to create a friendly and respectful environment for the delivery of care which can be made a sustainable and permanent part of Heritage culture,” Heritage will truly maintain its status as a leader in providing care for seniors.

The H to O program is another way Heritage homes and divisions are working to continue our tradition of high-quality, personalized senior care. We are continually striving to enhance our facilities for our residents, and open communication is just one piece of our efforts. No matter your relationship to Heritage – employee, resident, family, or friend – we are always Happy to Oblige.

Heritage of Care H to O Nomination

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