Being able to serve residents’ needs is our top priority. Since 1960, we have been meeting and exceeding the demands of the older adult community across the state of Illinois. As a result, the accurate and efficient ordering, distribution, and administration of medication is a core strength of our family of skilled nursing homes and assisted living centers throughout Illinois.

Green Tree Pharmacy is a state-of-the-art pharmacy that was explicitly created to meet the needs of seniors in the Heritage family. This relationship offers our residents unmatched benefits, including medicinal accuracy and accessibility. Our geriatric pharmaceutical experts work closely with the care providers to ensure that all physician-prescribed, medication needs are carried forth with excellence.

As a benefit to families and caregivers, Green Tree Pharmacy doesn’t have a call center. If instead, you have a question about a medication or its impact, an actual person will answer your call and assist personally. We also help with all insurance and billing questions. And because Heritage works exclusively with Green Tree Pharmacy, all Green Tree employees are familiar with our teams and caregivers.

Green Tree Pharmacy has advanced technology and security to ensure that your loved one receives the correct medication, every time. Our strip packs can be distributed in 7, 14, or 30-day strips and are available in multi-dose or unit dose pouches that make medication application accurate, efficient, and error-free. The tracking software used by Green Tree enables us to follow a prescription from shipment to receipt; we always have a status on all orders that we can share. And our digital document tracking makes record keeping easy for caregivers and families.

Our partnership with Green Tree Pharmacy takes the hassle out of medication management for our seniors and families. Learn more about the benefits of our collaboration by visiting