Each resident has a story. They may be a mom, a sister, a teacher, and a friend to many. We want to know each resident for who they are, not just by what condition they have. Our goal is to offer seniors the care and resources they need to live healthy, happy lives. We want our residents to feel respected, cared for, and allowed to be their best selves every day, no matter how long they stay. With these important goals, we offer social services at each location.

Our professional team includes clinical and direct social service professionals who exist to support compassionate, comprehensive care plans for our seniors and even their families. These plans include all aspects of care. Beyond caring for physical health, our social services team works to ensure that seniors can also benefit from positive mental, social, and spiritual health. They help seniors adjust to transitions and can also support a safe return home should that be their path. Our seniors and families appreciate and admire the work of social workers at our nursing homes.

One of the primary responsibilities of our social workers is advocacy. That means working with the resident, medical staff, and other staff to ensure the senior’s requests are honored appropriately. Our residents have rights, and our social services team works closely with our residents to ensure that these are carried forth with excellence. This team also works with our residents to ensure their wishes are carried out regarding end-of-life decisions. Power of Attorney (POA) paperwork and Advanced Directive decisions will be discussed with all residents.

Our team of clinical social workers focuses primarily on the mental health and wellness of the resident. Assessments are conducted upon admission, and multi-disciplined plans of care are developed for ideal holistic senior care. These may address emotional needs, medicinal impact on behavior, educational requests, and more. Social works are often the connection between residents, families, and the medical team – offering the essential insight and support needed for an ideal care environment.

Because many of our skilled nursing residents only stay for a short period while they are recovering, our social workers are expert discharge planners. We work closely with hospitals, community service providers, and senior service agencies to ensure a smooth transition home.

Our social workers understand that each seniors’ path will be different. Some will return home, and we’ll help them every step of the way. Others will spend their final days at Heritage Health, and we are proud to care for them. We will supply services for every stage of senior care needed, offering information, support, and advocacy services. It’s a pleasure to serve our seniors.