Heritage Health provides an extensive and effective in-house physical therapy program that enables seniors to recover, regain strength, and return home. Often when a senior has surgery or an extended hospital stay, it is necessary to complete a short-term, skilled therapy program to ensure successful independence.

Physical therapy is critical to restore function, recover from injuries, and relieve pain. Our trained staff specializes in physical, therapeutic approaches for the senior population, who also may have concerns with flexibility, posture, balance, and coordination. They work to make sure that our seniors are strong and safe. And, the physical therapists work to lessen seniors’ risk of fall and re-injury.

A senior may benefit from physical therapy or short-term rehab if they need assistance with the recovery process. Seniors could require help with recovering from strokes, joint replacements, neurological ailments, and a variety of other surgeries, accidents, or illnesses. Following hospital stays, a senior may not be healthy enough to handle everyday activities independently. Under the care of our doctors, therapists, and other experts in short-term rehab, our staff provides residents with a personalized care plan to help the seniors return to independence.

Often, physical therapy is coupled with occupational therapyspeech therapy, and additional skilled nursing services. Throughout a short-term rehab stay, a resident may interact with physicians, nurses, nutritionists, multiple therapists, and therapy aides. At Heritage, we take a team approach to care and offer comprehensive services so seniors can have the strength, mobility, and confidence needed to go back home.

The time spent in short-term rehab will vary from senior to senior and depend on the severity of the surgery, procedure, illness, or medical condition. If rehabilitation needs become extensive, longer-term rehab programs and long-term care options are available. Contact your local community to discuss the extensive senior therapy options available.