As we age, our bodies need special care and attention. The skilled nursing staff at Heritage Health have the training and compassion to attend to seniors’ complex medical needs. For example, there are many reasons that a senior may require intravenous therapy (IV) to deliver fluids directly into a vein. When you add to that the fragility of aging skin and potential complications, you want to ensure that your loved one is in capable hands. IVs are commonly used throughout the healthcare industry as an effective method for the treatment of a variety of health concerns. Our goal is to help seniors be as healthy as can be, and the use of IVs allows us to do just that.

Our professionally trained and certified nursing team can administer IVs to provide seniors with medication, fluid replacement, and hydration, and to correct electrolyte imbalances. This procedure is the fastest way to deliver medications and fluids, enabling substances to be circulated into the body immediately.

IV treatment can benefit seniors in many ways. For example, during a routine check-up with a primary care physician, the doctor may find that blood should be drawn and tested based on documented symptoms. Lab tests may show that one has low levels of potassium, causing weakness and other concerning health factors. IV usage can infuse both potassium and fluids to provide the body with what it needs to be healthy.

Administering medication is a common use of temporary IVs in nursing homes. Our medical staff is also trained in PICC and central line management for those seniors who have a permanent or semi-permanent need for IV therapy. Our registered nurses always work with the resident’s physician to gain all orders pertaining to care needs. These needs may require changes to medication dosage, frequency, and administration.

Because we work with seniors every day, we know the importance of these senior medical treatments, and how to administer them with care and skill. Contact your local Heritage campus today to see what services are available to your loved one.