Wound care is a vital area of concern for seniors and caregivers alike. As our bodies age, skin becomes more fragile, slower to heal, and more susceptible to infection. Wounds can be caused by surgical incisions, pressure on the skin, as well as from accidents that happen as coordination and mobility deteriorate. If not well cared for, even the smallest cut or sore can become problematic.

Medical conditions, such as diabetes and venous hypertension, can also affect a senior’s ability to recover from wounds. The poor healing ability of a senior’s skin causes the elderly to be susceptible to developing and sustaining wounds for more extended periods. Chronic wounds can lead to increased risk of infection and other complications.

Because of the significance wounds can have on everyday health, the specialists at Heritage Health senior living take special care to ensure that wounds are appropriately treated. And, perhaps of equal importance is our dedication to wound prevention. Attentiveness to overall health and nutrition, coupled with senior skincare protocol, are critical aspects of skilled nursing care services.

Our multi-specialty team treats pressure and venous ulcers, arterial wounds, diabetic neuropathic wounds, post-surgical wounds, and others.

Our wound physicians work directly with each resident’s primary care physicians, the Heritage medical director, physical therapists, staff nurses, and other specialists to ensure the delivery of excellent wound care. Our team of professionals will create a personalized care plan around the individual’s healing process and progress.

At Heritage, our wound care service is just one more aspect of our comprehensive skilled nursing services. Many of our locations have taken the service a step further, partnering with specially trained bedside wound care physicians and nurses. Wounds are healed faster, infections are better managed or eliminated, and hospital stays are decreased. Administering wound care at Heritage improves residents’ clinical outcomes, with services appreciated by seniors, their families, and the medical community.

Call your nearest Heritage nursing home today to discuss wound care options for your loved one.