Dietary Service

A common thread that binds us all is our love of food and the need for nutrition.  From mealtime memories and favorite recipes to the anticipation of a simple snack, lifestyles evolve with preferences and needs. Therefore, our dietary professionals play a critical role in our senior care facilities. Their goal is to ensure that seniors’ nutritional needs are met through the development and preparation of meals are that flavorful and fresh. Their essential work contributes to the daily satisfaction of our seniors.

We make three healthy and delicious meals each day, often with many variations available for those with specialized dietary needs. This may include low-sodium diets, diabetic-conscious, or pureed options. Caloric needs are calculated for each resident, and intake is monitored.  Nutrition must be available for our seniors around the clock, so snacks and drinks are always available. Our head chef and the culinary team develop healthy and flavorful menus that have something every resident can enjoy.

As a part of our team’s commitment to caring for the whole person, we will get to know your senior’s medical history as well as their complete dietary likes and dislikes. During conversations and assessments, we will determine if the resident’s primary care physician has ordered a specific diet plan. Our certified dietitians will review the program for each resident and ensure it is in harmony with standard dietary health practices. This service is especially important for residents who suffer from health concerns like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Caregivers who have seniors who live with diabetes understand how critical it is to monitor diet. Our staff will assist the resident in monitoring sugar intake to ensure it is at healthy and safe levels. A significant drop or increase in sugar intake can put the resident’s health at risk. Our team employs a dedicated dietitian to ensure each resident receives the essential nutritional items, as well as a caring dietary staff who assists with each meal.

Residents often look forward to mealtime as it’s yet another opportunity to socialize with friends. We also welcome families to join us for lunch or dinner, as meals can often be purchased for a small fee. And, know that each location offers a unique dining and dietary services. From made-to-order eggs to salad-bar style extras, we encourage you to inquire about unique dining opportunities available at your hometown location.