Family caregivers are often the most compassionate, understanding, and hardworking people around. At Heritage Health, we care for seniors and the family that supports them. When your loved one has memory issues such as Alzheimer’s or other dementia, we understand the challenges you face.  We are here to help.

Many of our Heritage communities offer memory care support groups on their campuses. Support groups provide caregivers, families, and friends with a safe environment for open discussion of personal and difficult situations. The individuals within the group understand the behaviors and emotions experienced and can relate in ways that many others cannot.

Understandably, people caring for individuals with memory loss often experience a feeling of inadequacy or anxiety. Some caregivers experience sadness that may occur from lack of sleep or feelings of long-term commitment and hopelessness. Support groups can help reduce these feelings and help caregivers navigate the complexities of their situation. It is a comfort to surround yourself with people who have walked in your footsteps.

Our goal is to provide a sense of support, confidence, and comfort to our families as they listen to the stories and experiences others have faced. We aspire to help caregivers develop a robust and supportive network. A memory support group empowers you when you feel as though you have little control. Our environment will provide an atmosphere of patience, understanding, and camaraderie.

There are so many feelings that families, caregivers, and friends encounter during the progression of senior memory loss. A support group provides so many benefits to encourage and strengthen the understanding of these diseases and strategies for managing them. While caring for our loved ones is a privilege, it can be a job that is both physically and mentally demanding. Know that you are not alone. Call today to inquire about the groups available at your local Heritage senior living location.