Heritage Health understands that senior nursing care means more than attending to physical health needs. How we look and feel is a critical element to overall wellness. That’s why many of our senior care communities offer beauty services, including on-site salons and barbershops. We know that often, a fresh look leads to positive self-esteem and confidence.

Ready to set those curls? Or, style that beard? Time to get those nails painted with your favorite color? We have professional stylists available on a regular schedule or by appointment for haircuts, manicures, and pedicures. Your loved one can relax and feel good after a visit to the stylist’s chair.

Just like your salon or barbershop at home, we often find that senior beauty services provide an excellent opportunity for fellowship and friendship. Whether appointments are weekly or monthly, seniors smile when they get their new do and the chance to visit with their favorite beautician or barber. You’ll often find our beauty shops are the most popular places on campus.

One aspect of senior care that we always enjoy is the ability to offer choices consistently. Seniors can set appointments when they prefer. It’s essential for seniors to be in control of their own decisions and style. This is just one way that we uphold the dignity of our residents and support their independence.

Barbershop/hair salon services are just one more way that Heritage makes your loved one feel at home. Call to check the availability at your love one’s campus and make an appointment today.