“PT got my dad walking and home.”

“Head of housekeeping was very helpful in getting mom settled and getting her a usable TV.”

“Good place for Petersburg resident. Requests were honored. PT/OT great experience.”

“I will let the hospital recommend you.”

“Most staff was extremely pleasant and helpful- Head of Housekeeping, Director of Nursing (Kay), Nurse (Mark), CNA-also CODA (she made sure we didn’t miss dinner, Dining Room Server.”

“If the need ever arose again, we would gladly return!”

“The staff was wonderful with my mother. The facility is kept clean.”

“The staff were very good to me and were willing to help me whenever I needed them.”

“The staff were all friendly and helpful.”

“The staff were kind and professional. They were friendly and supportive, constantly checking in or visiting.”

“We are very happy with care my dad, Jim McGee receives at Sunny Acres. Ashley, his daily nurse is so sweet, kind and caring. Just the little extra she puts in a smile, kind word, or insight has made all of the difference. We are lucky to have her caring for my dad! We really appreciate her performance on a daily basis.” – Kristine Mack

“My Mom (Lola Otto) went to Sunny Acres in Petersburg, IL 2 years ago. Mom had broken her ankle in 2 places, after surgery she went to Sunny Acres for therapy. Her children thought she would go home after she was well enough, after almost a month, Mom told us that she wanted to stay at Sunny Acres. She loved it there. The staff was wonderful to her and takes very good care of her. Mom loves all the activities they have for the residents on a daily basis.

“My mom is at Sunny Acres and loves it there. I am so thankful for all the staff at Sunny Acres. They are so good to the residents.” – Diana Hamlin

“We are SO lucky to have Sunny Acres right here in Petersburg. Mom, Ann Blane, has been there several years. I never have to worry about her not getting special attention, hugs and even her nurses telling her they love her…and it never fails that she tells them how much she cares for them too!!! I don’t know what we would do without the kind staff at Sunny Acres!” – Judy Blane-Olesen

“The thought of having to go to a nursing home used to have so many negative connotations. But when your parents tell you, when the time comes I want to go to Sunny Acres, what better endorsement do you need? A special thank you to the staff that recently helped take care of my mom. So many people I know still receiving quality care there. If you are from anywhere near Petersburg, it’s just the place you go. Seems that everyone knows everybody. Neighbors are neighbors again.” – Dennis A. Boeker

“I wanted to thank the staff of Sunny Acres for all that you did for our family. Your caring staff made us all so comfortable during the last few days we had with our Mother, Rose. It was wonderful when those that interacted with her would stop by her room and talk about our Mother’s smile and the sweet hugs that she would give everyone. You were all so kind to us and took such good care of her while we were going through such a difficult time. We know that our Mother was loved so very much for the brief time she was in your staff’s care. There are no words that can express how grateful we are to all of you. Thank you.”

“I would recommend Sunny Acres Home to others I feel it’s the best of the best!”

“If not at home this was the next best place.”

“I truly love it at Courtyside Estates! The scenery from the front porch is the greatest. I see beautiful flowers and wildlife, while enjoying the country air. The food is exceptional, as well as the staff. Visiting with other tenants is something I look forward to daily.”- Robert Baker, resident

“My mother just passed away on Monday, March 27, 2017 at Sunny Acres Nursing Home while under Hospice Care. Having mom moved to a private room for her last week of life was so appreciated, she was more comfortable, family was more comfortable and her sweet roommate did not have to watch her pass. Thank you SA for allowing mom to have that room. I can’t thank the nurses and CNA staff enough for all of the sincere and loving care they have given my mom, Josephine Hoehn, the past 2 years. Also during the past two weeks she was on Hospice Care the extra effort made by all of the staff at SA was tremendous and very much appreciated. We spent several days and a couple of nights with mom toward the end, the staff was always checking on us to see if there was anything we needed and made sure we had snacks, coffee, tea, soda or water while we stayed with mom in her room. We especially appreciated the staff that made the effort to come and see mom before they got off duty to make sure they got to see her before she passed. Also there were past staff members who came in to see mom as they had heard she was close to leaving us, she grew so close to all of you, thank you. The Memorial Health Care Hospice Team was awesome too, so nice that mom could be on hospice right there at SA where she felt secure. All of you are special people, God bless you one and all.” – Barbara

“The therapy people were wonderful. Roy, Trisha, they are the people who helped me come home and able to take care of myself. A nurse by the name of “Ali” was great so happy and full of fun. She knew what she was doing. Wonderful nurse. She made my day when she was there!!”

“Everyone was kind and compassionate.  He (husband) was well cared for by a caring staff despite the difficult situation.”