At Heritage Health, we offer a variety of services that are designed to assist our residents during any health challenge. During the resident’s time with us, health needs are everchanging. We offer comprehensive and personalized care to fit our senior’s needs, from daily living needs to complex medical services.

Due to various health issues, a senior may come to Heritage with a breathing tube, placed in the trachea as a result of a tracheotomy.  Depending on the situation, doctors may have inserted this trach tube on a permanent or temporary basis. During this time, the care of the resident and the experience of our staff are all critical components to avoid infection or other respiratory issues. This type of skilled nursing care is offered 24-hours per day, seven days a week at many locations. Registered nurses and medical staff work with physicians and respiratory therapists as needed to ensure the ideal level of care.

This procedure could help in the case of a mouth or throat obstruction, breathing difficulty from throat swelling, or lung conditions. It may also follow airway reconstructions, or head and neck surgery. Doctors may insert a trach tube due to swallowing problems, or a long-term need for breathing machine support.

Following the breathing tube insertion procedure, a resident may have limited communication. Many of the residents must communicate exclusively by writing until instructed on alternative communication techniques. Our compassionate and caring staff will be there to ensure our residents receive necessary medical care, but also the emotional support they may require. Communication is an integral part of everyday life, and it can be difficult when the ability to speak is lost temporarily or permanently. Our staff recognizes this can be difficult and responds with great compassion.

Since 1960, our experienced staff has served our residents with excellence. With the senior’s health, comfort, and comprehensive care in mind, Heritage Health is the best place for seniors with skilled nursing care needs.