As a part of our dedication at Heritage Health to serve the seniors in our community, many of our senior care campuses also offer outpatient therapy. The Heritage team offers outpatient therapy individuals who are not full-time residents at Heritage senior care.

Outpatient therapy services enable our team to provide comprehensive therapy programs to individuals in need of rehabilitation following an illness, surgery, or a hospital stay. Our outpatient therapy services are also available to the community at large for those recovering from accidents, injuries, or surgeries like joint replacements.

Following a hospital stay, patients may be ready to leave the hospital and go home. While recovering at home can be incredibly beneficial, there are some aspects of recovery that need the special attention of skilled medical professionals to recover. Restore offers therapy regimens in the areas of respiratoryphysicaloccupational, and speech therapy. These programs help rebuild strength, confidence, and the skills needed to return to independence.

Outpatient therapy enables the senior to maintain a more typical daily routine while recovering in the comfort of home and still having access to exceptional therapeutic care. The Heritage RESTORE Therapy team will work to create a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan that will help the individual regain the highest possible level of independence. Because our team has skills in multiple therapy disciplines, we’ll be able to create a plan that addresses specific recovery goals.

At Heritage, our decades of excellent senior care extend beyond our campus grounds to home. If you require outpatient physical, respiratory, occupational, or speech therapy, look no further than the caring and compassionate team at Heritage. Call your local Heritage senior home to see what services are available.